This were our Speakers at the Command Control 2018!

Jeff Brown, Raytheon

From July 2019 you will learn more about ouir speakers at Command Control 2020!

Speaker, in alphabetical order:

Speaker A-E

Domenic Antonucci

Antonucci, Domenic

Domenic Antonucci is a business continuity implementer, risk management maturity expert and author of The Cyber Risk Handbook: Creating and Measuring Cybersecurity Capabilities and of Risk Maturity Models: How to Assess Risk Management Effectiveness. He is currently the Group Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and Chair Cyber Risk Advisory of Abdul Latif Jameel Group—one of the largest privately held companies in Saudi-Arabia. In his session he will share the recommendations of over 20 global subject matter experts on how each corporate function is responsible for cyber risk management.

Tyson Barker

Barker, Tyson

Tyson Barker is the program director and fellow at the Aspen Institute Germany. He previously worked as a researcher at the Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security (BIGS) in transatlantic security policy and worked at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs. On 20.09. he is participating in the discussion panel with Eugene Kaspersky, Dr. Sachar Paulus and Michael Kranawetter on “The Future of Digital Trust” covering the geopolitical impacts of digitalization.

Ulrich Bartholmös

Bartholmös, Ulrich

Ulrich Bartholmös is CIO of the United Digital Group, one of the leading digital agencies in Germany. For more than 15 years, he has been advising companies on technology-driven, digital transformation processes—most recently with a focus on IT transformation and IT security. Bartholmös reports in the format “Incident Talks” from an cyberincident in 2017. He shows how the medium-sized company, in which IT security has played a subordinate role has transformed within a very short time and highlights topics such as required level of awareness, necessary investments and ROI's as well as business-relevant (IT) security measures and processes.

Stefan Becker

Becker, Stefan

Stefan Becker is head of division B25 "Cybersecurity for the economy” in the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Stefan Becker has a University degree in public administration and a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in risk and fraud management. After working at the criminal investigation department in Bonn and the Cybercrime Competence Center in the State Criminal Police Office in North-Rhine Westphalia, he now works at the BSI in Bonn.
On 20.9 Stefan Becker will participate in the panel entitled “The Mission is not Cybersecurity - It’s Enterprise Security” and will cover issues including the findings of the BSI in relation to digital resilience in companies.

Holger Behrens

Behrens, Holger

Holger Berens has been advising international companies and critical infrastructures in all areas of compliance and security management for over 35 years. He is chairman of the board of the Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (BSKI) and also heads up the degree program Compliance and Corporate Security (LL. M.) and the Competence Center (KIS) at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne [Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH)]. In the panel on “Cross-sector risks and solutions” on September 22 he will discuss cybersecurity approaches for critical infrastructures with Dr. Nicolas Krämer and Johnnes Troppmann. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to this discussion!

Alwin Binder

Binder, Alwin

Alwin Binder is a Director at CNC and the lead developer of the CNC Situation Room. He focuses primarily on crisis communication and advises clients from a large range of industries on their crisis preparedness, in particular though crisis trainings. He has carried out crisis simulation exercises for executive management groups and communication teams at some of the biggest players worldwide. During the workshops on September 21 and 22, the participants will experience a live and digitally-driven crisis simulation training focused on communication and based on a fully interactive cyber breach scenario.

Thomas Bleuel

Bleuel, Thomas

Thomas Bleuel is Security Awareness Manager at E.ON. Together with his colleagues, he is responsible for training and awareness raising activities in seven European countries and the USA. In his presentation during the Security Awareness Panel of known_sense, he will use practical experienced examples to show how digital and analogue security awareness training sessions could be used as events to convey new knowledge about cyber security to employees in an appealing and motivating way.

Dominik Bösl

Bösl, Dominik

“Robotics and AI will disrupt us like the Internet. To protect tomorrow’s Robotics Natives, we need Robotics and AI Governance.”

Dominik Bösl is VP of Innovation and Technology Management at KUKA AG and defines the strategy for “apps, cloud and IoT”. He has been researching “Technology & Robotics Governance” at TUM School of Education, thus examining the effects of disruptive technologies, such as robotics, automation and AI, on mankind. In the Digital Factory track, Mr. Bösl will discuss the link between cybersecurity and the topics of AI and Robotics Governance.

Natali Brandis

Brandis, Natali

Natali Brandis is partner at CNC AG and focusses on change, crisis and corporate communications.
In her 16 years in communications she worked in a number of different positions, e.g. as press officer, running the press office at Volkswagen AG or in the department of internal communication of Deutsche Bank AG. At Command Control she will provide insights on the importance of the right communication during an incident. Listen to her practical examples, learn about the “golden rule of Cyber Crisis Communication” and the interaction between measures and out-come of such a situation.

Samuel Brandstätter

Brandstätter, Samuel

Samuel Brandstätter is the founder and CEO of avedos GRC GmbH. He is driven by the belief that a profound enterprise GRC strategy has a major influence on the sustainable success of modern organizations. The visionary has consulted executives and senior managers of leading international companies and organizations for over 15 years and supports them along their path to GRC maturity. With the software risk2value, he develops innovative concepts to interlink and integrate risk management as well as advance the digitalization of these processes.
Discuss these topics with him and Claudia Howe on September 21.

Thomas Braun

Braun, Thomas

Thomas Braun heads the Global Information Security and Architecture Section in the Office of Information and Communications Technology of the United Nations. Based at its headquarter in New York his team is responsible for setting and maintaining the Organisation’s enterprise architecture and information security frameworks and overseeing their global implementation. Prior to joining the UN he was a founding member of the network security team at Cornell University and served as the first Information Security Officer of the World Trade Organization in Geneva. Listen to his Keynote on “Understanding, Communication and Managing Cyber-Risks in a Multicultural Organization”.

Jeff Brown

Brown, Jeff

Jeff Brown is CISO of Raytheon, a technology and innovation leader. He is responsible for all aspects of internal cybersecurity across the company to include policy, compliance, architecture, engineering, services, and operations. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Internet Security Alliance and holds a patent in the area of malware detection. Experience his exciting keynote “The CISO in the Spotlight / (missing) Empowerment and Changes” on September 20.

Stefan Burau

Burau, Stefan K.

Stefan K. Burau has a Dipl. Ing. degree in data processing and a Master's degree in information security. Before he became CISO at the Helsana Group—the largest health insurance company in Switzerland—in 2012, he held the same position at various international private banks based both in Switzerland and abroad. In Switzerland, Stefan K. Burau is considered an expert in the development and implementation of awareness raising measures for information security and security culture analyses. At Command Control, he will discuss his experiences from numerous different cases and highly varied projects on a panel with Thomas Schlienger on 21 September.

Georg Campbell

Campbell, George

George Campbell is a management consultant focusing on enterprise security performance measurement and analytics. He formerly served as the global CSO for Fidelity Investments, the world’s largest privately owned financial services firm, directed a security system engineering practice and served in various law enforcement positions. He is a life member and former president and Board member of the prestigious International Security Management Association as well as ASIS International. He is the author of Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security, Adding Business Value by Managing Security Risks and Measuring & Communicating Security’s Value.

Ilias Chantzos

Chantzos, Ilias

“Passionate about linking public policy challenges with real-life business and economic growth in a globalised economy.”

Ilias Chantzos is studied lawyer and Senior Director of Government Affairs for EMEA and Asia Pacific at Symantec. Chantzos worked as legal and policy officer in the Directorate General Information Society of the European Commission focusing on information security policy. He is appointed member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group of ENISA and at Europol’s European Cybercrime Center Advisory Board. Get to know from him the Cybersecurity Requirements of the GDPR on September 22.

Larry Clinton

Clinton, Larry

Larry Clinton is rated as one of the most influential people in the field of cyber security in the USA. He provides advice to companies and governments around the world as well as organizations such as NATO and OAS (Organization of American States). He is President and CEO of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) and author of the ISA Cyber Social Contract and the Cyber-Risk Oversight Handbook where he emphasizes that cybersecurity is not a risk management topic applying exclusively to IT but is rather a company-wide issue which needs to take into account economic, legal, human and communicative implications. Consequently, Clinton is one of the fathers of the modern cybersecurity definition.

Thorsten Delbrouck

Delbrouck, Thorsten

As the group’s Chief Information Security Officer Thorsten Delbrouck is globally responsible for Information Security and IT Security Management within the Giesecke+Devrient group. He also serves as the Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Information Security Forum (ISF) in London. He has worked in similar management roles before, among others at Infineon Technologies AG and TÜV Rheinland Group. Mr. Delbrouck is specialized in information security strategy and management and will share his insights on the CISO role from more than three decades of IT and online experience. Meet him at Jeff Brown’s session on Thursday, September 20.

Dr. Oliver Draf

Draf, Oliver (Dr.)

Oliver joined Allianz Germany in 2001 to head the privacy practice from 2004 onwards. Today, his role includes responsibility for data protection aspects of 27 companies providing insurance and related services. Representing Allianz with the German Insurance Association, Oliver negotiated the Code of Conduct for the processing of personal information in the German insurance industry. In the panel “Why a proper Data Governance facilitates privacy compliance” on September 20, he’ll bring in his experience regarding data protection and discuss current issues and future developments with Timm Grosser and Peter Katko.

Dr. Alexander Duisberg

Duisberg, Alexander (Dr.)

Dr. Alexander Duisberg is a partner at the Munich legal practice Bird & Bird and he specializes in data protection and digital transformation projects. He is also responsible for software and services at the international tech & comms group of Bird & Bird. According to Best Lawyers 2016, Dr. Alexander Duisberg is one of the best lawyers in Germany in the information technology sector. His expertise specifically covers Big Data, CloudComputing, Digitalization and Industry 4.0. He is also a member of several thinktanks of the German Federal Government which meet to discuss issues such as Trusted Cloud, Smart Data and Platform Industry 4.0.

John Elder

Elder, John

John Elder chairs America's most experienced Data Science consultancy. Dr. Elder co-authored 3 award-winning books on analytics, was a discoverer of ensemble methods, chairs international conferences, and is a popular keynote speaker. John is an occasional Adjunct Professor of Engineering or Visiting Business Lecturer at the University of Virginia, and was named by President Bush to serve 5 years on a panel to guide technology for national security. Get relevant insights in his keynote on “Strategy for combining Cybersecurity and Data Science” on September 22.

Speaker F-J

Marco di Filippo

di Filippo, Marco

Long before cyber attacks started to come to light Marco Di Filippo was warning the public of insufficiently secured industrial control systems and was therefore heavily involved in raising the awareness of possible cyber threats and in the dissemination of the corresponding cyber security strategies.
The computer enthusiast with a special focus on organizational and technical IT security tests and concepts has more than 22 years’ experience in IT consulting, including more than 15 years in the information security/cybersecurity sectors. At Command Control on 21.09. He will take you with him on a journey into the Darknet and illustrate the risks but also the opportunities for companies.

Craig Fletcher

Fletcher, Craig

Craig Fletcher has more than 15 years of experience in complex IT environments and information security. In various management positions in the area of IT security and IT infrastructure at UBS AG, he established, amongst other things, a global System Compliance Assessment Framework and a global Security Operations Center (SOC). He later held the role of CISO at Skyguide Air Navigation Services—a critical infrastructure in Switzerland. He has held the position of Chief Consulting Officer and been a Member of the Executive Board of ISPIN AG since 2016.

Thomas Gabor

Gabor, Thomas

Thomas Gabor is a researcher at the Mobile and Distributed Systems Group of Ludwig-Maximilian’s university, Munich’s elite university, where he took part in the formation of the QAR-Lab (Quantum Applications and Research Laboratory). His focus is on using Quantum Computing and related techniques to enable new applications of intelligent systems. Having worked with industry partners such as Siemens, Volkswagen AG and Airbus, his expertise consists of connecting high technology with practical industry applications. At Command Control, he will share his insights on the effects of Quantum Computing on businesses, security and how infrastructure can become quantum ready today.

Laura Georg Schaffner

Georg, Laura (Prof. Dr.)

Prof. Dr. Laura Georg is Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg. The bio of Information Security Governance Expert is fascinating: she headed the Norwegian Information Security Laboratory, was Global Head for IT Risk and Security Management at Deutsche Telekom, was Managing Partner at the consulting firm BaXian. She lectures on information security, software engineering, and executive education programs focussing her research on Information Security Governance in the Board-room. Participate in her research.

Michael George

George, Michael

Michael George is the author of “Geh@ckt – wie Angriffe aus dem Netz uns alle be drohen” (Hacked - How cyber attacks threaten us all). He has been working for the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution since 2008 and has been leading the newly founded Cyber Alliance Center there since 2013. The Cyber Alliance Center supports local companies, universities and operators of critical infrastructure (KRITIS) in the prevention of and defense against “electronic attacks”. At Command Control, Michael George will introduce the participants of his workshop to the current trends of cyber espionage on Thursday, September 20.

Marco Gercke

Gercke, Marco (Prof. Dr.)

Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke is Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute in Cologne. The lawyer is a world-leading cyber security expert who provides advice to governments, organizations and companies. At Command Control, he will carry out a “Cyber Incident Simulation” which is geared towards the perspective of top management. A fictitious company serves as a basis. The simulation unfolds differently depending on the participants’ decisions in certain situations.
During his interactive keynote on September 21, you can experience what happens during a cyber incident and how your decisions affect the course of the attack and ultimately your company.

Florian Glatz

Glatz, Florian

Florian Glatz is a lawyer and software developer, who consults startups and corporations on the regulatory aspects of blockchain technology. On this matter, he recently published a magazine called “Rethinking Law” and co-authored the book “Rechtshandbuch Legal Tech”. Florian is the founding president of the German Blockchain Association and co-founder of the Legal Tech Center. In the Session on Blockchain technology and smart contracts on September 21, he will share his experience from the legal side together with Christoph Jentzsch and Dietrich Sümmermann.

Timm Grosser

Grosser, Timm

Timm Grosser is head of consulting and senior analyst at the Business Application Research Center (BARC) and is a specialist in BI, data management and big data. His core competencies are decision-support IT systems with a specific focus on strategic issues in data management and big data. He supports companies in the definition and implementation of their BI and big data strategy, organization, architecture and tool selection. On 20.09. he will share his practical experiences with attendees at Command Control in his presentation entitled “Why proper data governance facilitates privacy compliance”.

Florian Haacke

Haacke, Florian

After having held positions in the security management at RWE, METRO and DHL, Florian Haacke serves now as CSO / Head of Group Security at innogy SE. Here, he’s responsible for all security topics such as Cyber Security, Physical Security, Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Data Protection. In this function, he was awarded as the “Most influential People in Security 2016”. In his session “strategic positioning of Cyber Security at top management” on September 21, he will share a best practice on how to successfully implement a Cyber Security Strategy in a KRITIS company without having an incident.

Peter Hacker

Hacker, Peter

Peter Hacker has two decades worth of experience in the risk and technology environment. He is co-founder of Distinction.Global—an independent monitoring initiative for cyber risks. In his hands-on keynote with the title “Cyber Security—Integrated Risk Management Response” on September 21, he will focus on Lessons Learned and options for action in case of cyberattacks. Giving impulses for the development of sustainable risk management solutions is the objective of his session.

Terry Halvorsen

Halvorsen, Terry

Terry Halvorsen is CIO and Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics IT & Mobile Communications B2G Business. As former CIO of the US Department of Defense and Deputy Commander of the Navy Cyber Forces, he enriches Command Control on September, 20.

Patrick Heim

Heim, Patrick

Patrick Heim is a senior security executive with a over two decades working in security spanning Fortune 500 enterprises, cloud providers as well as early stage security technology companies. Prior to joining ClearSky as an Operating Partner and CISO, Mr. Heim was Head of Trust and Security at Dropbox. He also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Trust Officer at Patrick has also held Chief Information Security Officer roles at Kaiser Permanente and McKesson Corporation. At Command Control he will give a keynote about the Future of Digital Identities and decentral distributed systems.

Michael Helisch

Helisch, Michael

Michael Helisch is the founder and owner of HECOM Security Awareness Consulting, a corporate consulting firm that focuses on people as a security factor. In addition to lecturing at the FH Upper Austria as a lecturer in security awareness and behavioral change, he has planned and implemented a series of security awareness programs at international institutions and DAX30 companies since 2001. His peer-to-peer session will place a special focus on security officers who are planning an awareness program.
Exchange with your peers in a small and trusting environment, discuss challenges and proven solutions in practice to create security awareness and initiate behavioral change in the sense of your security policies.

Oran Hollander

Hollander, Oran

Oran Hollander is a veteran Cyber Security leader with over 15 years in the field. He currently serves as the Head of Cyber Security for Telefonica Germany, where he is responsible for all aspects of Cyber Security, from strategy to security operations, for the largest mobile customer-base Telco in Germany. Previously, Oran served as VP Security Consulting and Head of Cyber Security Innovation for EY in Israel and served in various roles in the private sector as well as in an elite Cyber unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. Listen to his his insights in the Paul Kurtz’ Panel on “Collective Cyber Protection through Action Based Threat Intelligence Collaboration" on September 21.

Dr. Hauke Holtkamp

Holtkamp, Hauke (Dr.)

Dr. Hauke Holtkamp is the founder and CEO of ECOMPLY GmbH. He specializes in data protection assistance systems because he knows that data protection issues function significantly better and faster when people do not get in their way. He has now supported over 300 companies with the implementation of the GDPR. In his presentation at Command Control entitled “What’s the Status of GDPR and NIS?” he will describe his practical experiences and participate in a discussion with Steve Purser from ENISA and Dr. Alexander Duisberg from Bird & Bird.

Claudia Howe

Howe, Claudia

Thanks to her many years’ experience in governance, risk and compliance at leading global management consultancies, Claudia Howe has acquired a huge amount of technical expertise. As GRC Competence Lead she is introducing these experiences at avedos GRC GmbH and on 21.09. is sharing them with you. Her focus will be a dialog with companies showing how the relevant disciplines can be developed and how the associated processes can also be supported through the use of technologies – always hand-in-hand with the conviction that a functioning and integrated GRC landscape offers tangible added value and is not merely a tedious obligation.

Jenny Hubertus

Hubertus, Jenny

Jenny Hubertus is the interface in the team of Bartsch Lawyers between traditional company law (company foundations, investment models, shareholder disputes) and continuing corporate consultancy (e-commerce, data protection and Web 2.0) and works mainly with technology-oriented young-companies in the design and implementation of internet-based business models. In her focused workshop on 20.09. entitled “GDPR for SMEs” she will provide insights into current developments with the aim of presenting, in dialog with those responsible, legally-compliant and feasible solutions.

Christoph Jentzsch

Jentzsch, Christoph

Christoph Jentzsch part of the Ethereum blockchain project is founder and CEO of, working on the decentralized sharing economy through the connection of Blockchain and IoT.
His background is in theoretical physics, where he developed optimized software solutions for high performance computing on specialized hardware. Christoph is member of the EU Blockchain Observatory working on “Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions”. He will share insights on Smart Contracts Security!

Laura Jones

Jones, Laura

Laura Jones is Senior Manager of Governance, Risk and Compliance. As former head of the Cybersecurity & Assurance team of a global manufacturer of consumer goods, she developed and implemented the first IT risk management program for the corporation. For this, she received the renowned CSO 50 Award in 2017. The prize is awarded to the 50 best cybersecurity user companies in the USA. The criteria for the prize are simple: innovation and impact on the company results.
On September 22, you can learn from her how cybersecurity can improve business results and how it enables digital business models in the first place.

Speaker K-O

Eugene Kaspersky

Kaspersky, Eugene

Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab, will contribute his perspective to the international and politically challenging environment. He started more than 28 years ago as an anti-virus researcher and is now a businessman and a visionary.
Experience the charismatic leader of the globally operating cybersecurity company on the main stage during a fascinating panel at Command Control on September 20.

Dr. Peter Katko

Katko, Peter (Dr.)

is a lawyer and global digital law leader at Ernst & Young Law. After positions in the State Chancellery and in Bavaria’s Ministry of Science, he worked as a consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and in the chambers Holme Roberts & Owen as a partner specializing in IP/IT Law. His particular focus on multi-disciplinary data protection and cyber law along with operational experience as an external data protection officer for, amongst others, DAX companies and as a Europrise Data Protection Expert, make him the ideal member of the panel entitled “Why proper data governance facilitates privacy compliance” on Thursday 20.09.

Josh Klein

Klein, Josh

Josh Klein is a hacker who started early breaking into university networks and ended up consulting to c-suite executives and government leaders alike. From TED to Davos, IBM to Nike, VC funds to that startup down the street, Josh has addressed various audiences In his Keynote on September 20, he will talk about “Cybersecurity as a social phenomenon: how technology is disrupting the nation state, the corporation, and you” and prepare the participants for three days of exciting new insights and learnings. “But what Klein really does is hack systems – taking them apart and putting different pieces together to produce something new and more effective.”

Timo Kob

Kob, Timo

Timo Kob is a Professor of Economic Protection and Cyber Security in Vienna.
He heads up the “Cyber Security” federal working group of the economic council of the CDU, is the deputy board chairman of the ASW Bundesverband (German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce) and a member of the main board of BITKOM (German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media). In the past few years he has not only co-designed IT basic protection but has distinguished himself as the overall project leader responsible for “Basic Economic Protection” published by The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV).

Tom Koehler

Koehler, Tom

Tom Koehler is founder of connecting trust and a recognized cybersecurity visionary leader, strategist and trusted advisor at board level. He focuses exclusively on cybersecurity and integrated risk management, providing strategy, governance, cyber resilience and M&A advisory to a wide range of clients globally. Tom held a variety of senior executive roles with global advisory and technology leaders. These include: partner at EY European Advisory Center and GSA, CEO and CSO at EADS/Cassidian Cybersecurity, Head of Public Sector at RSA Germany, Director of Infosec Strategy & Communications at Microsoft Germany and Country Manager at VeriSign DACH.

Jean Kolarow

Kolarow, Jean

Jean Kolarow is deputy head of corporate security at Berliner Wasserbetriebe. He is responsible at the company for areas such as information security, crisis management and disaster prevention. He believes that critical infrastructure companies require special attention, also from a political standpoint. In his speech “KRITISche Masse H2O—Security Awareness bei den Berliner Wasserbetrieben” (Critical Mass H2O—Security Awareness at the Berliner Wasserbetriebe), Mr. Kolarow will argue that security awareness can be viewed as the initial stage of a holistic security strategy and will describe the methodological challenges that were faced during the implementation process in his own company.

Michael Kranawetter

Kranawetter, Michael

The National Security Officer at Microsoft Germany has over 25 years’ IT experience. This position covers the areas of governance, risk management & compliance along with the orientation of the company’s information security, technical data protection and security technologies. His mission is to improve security levels so they are so well aligned to the business purpose that they make the lives of attackers more unattractive. On 20.09. he is discussing “The Future of Digital Trust” with Eugene Kaspersky, Dr. Sachar Paulus and Tyson Barker.

Nicolas Krämer

Krämer, Nicolas

Dr. Nicolas Krämer has been the Commercial Director of the Lukaskrankenhaus (Lukas Hospital) in Neuss since 2014. His previous positions have included KPMG/BearingPoint, Kaiserswerther Diakonie in Düsseldorf, where he was head of finance and accounts and the Hellweg Catholic Hospital Association. He gives specialist presentations and is the author of numerous specialist articles and books on hospital management and on the cyber attack on the Lukaskrankenhaus Neuss in February 2016. In the panel at Command Control on “Cross-sector risks and solutions” on September 22, he will discuss experiences, solutions and approaches and with other representatives of critical infrastructures.

Paul Kurtz

Kurtz, Paul

Paul Kurtz is the CEO and co-founder of TruSTAR Technology. He was the founder and executive director of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance and worked closely to bridge the gap between commercial companies and the US government to share information and raise cybersecurity awareness. Prior to his work in the non-profit and commercial sector, Paul held senior positions with the US Government including special assistant to the President and senior director for critical infrastructure protection on the White House's Homeland Security Council (HSC). In his keynote, he will show that companies now start to collaborate when it comes to Cybersecurity. They organize and normalize cyber intelligence with their existing tools in cloud-based enclaves that enable companies to gain real-time insights from other companies.

Adrian Lambeck

Lambeck, Adrian

Adrian is the founder and managing director of ALPS GmbH. He specializes in implementing, operating and auditing management systems for information security (ISO 27001) and business continuity management (ISO 22301). In the past 5 years he has trained more than 100 Lead Auditors.

During Command and Control he offers a workshop “Why Should You Trust ISO 27001 or How Can You Verify Security of Your Suppliers?” and the CEO workshop “Why and how to align your information security with your business strategy?”.

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Lauterbach, Anastassia (Dr.)

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, CEO and founder of 1AU-Ventures and Board Director D&B at Wirecard, currently advises several U.S. and European based AI and cybersecurity companies. She is Senior Advisor for Artificial Intelligence at McKinsey. She trains boards in cybersecurity and cognitive/ AI and robotics related technologies and their links to corporate governance. She is leading author in “Artificial Intelligence Imperative. A Roadmap for Businesses”. Dr. Lauterbach is member of the Advisory Council Next Generation Directors for Nasdaq.

Oliver Lehmeyer

Lehmeyer, Oliver

Oliver Lehmeyer, the Managing Director of the Cyber Risk Agency, pursues a clear objective, namely to protect SMEs from cyber criminals. He has over 15 years of consultancy experience in IT strategy and information security. Learn in his workshops “Cyber Risk Management for SMEs” and “Cyber Risk Management—professionalize your emergency response capabilities” that good cyber risk management is sensible and necessary for all companies.

Lukas Linke

Linke, Lukas

Lukas Linke leads the Cybersecurity Department of ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroikindustrie e.V.) as Senior Manager. Since 2013, he’s responsible for EU cybersecurity policies, regulation, and industry 4.0 security. Before, Mr. Linke had been a member of the security division at BDI (Federal Association of German Industry), coordinating their work on Germany’s IT Security Law. On September 20, he’ll talk in a panel with Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler about the creation of a European Cybersecurity Union: “How can we keep speed, innovation and flexibility in regard to cybersecurity certification?” What is the real benefit for customers?”

Dr. Mervyn Maistry

Maistry, Mervyn (Dr.)

Mervyn Maistry is a contemporary Digital Strategy & Innovation expert who can offer a combination of broad business experience backed up by academic qualifications and 20 years of experience at Senior Leadership positions in Health Care, Financial Services & Management Consulting. As founder and CEO of, he can be named one of the pioneers for Blockchain technology, smart contracts and AI. At Command Control, he will share his best practices in his use case presentation on a smart contract solution for a pharma company on Saturday, September 22.

Ivona Matas

Matas, Ivona

Ivona Matas is a qualified psychologist, therapist, qualitative market researcher and also has a Train-the-Trainer qualification. At known_sense one of her responsibilities is to perform in-depth psychological security impact analyses. She also mentors campaigns using qualitative impact research as well as management development and general awareness training on information security and personal security. She also conducts face-to-face training sessions and game-based workouts on social engineering and disinformation.

Maximilian Moehring

Moehring, Maximilian C.

Starting during his childhood, Maximilian grew up fascinated with technology and started modifying desktop PCs with his Dad. Driven by curiosity, he has always been trying to understand the inner workings of systems and has been looking for new technologies. Not surprisingly, he already founded 9 tech startups. Out of his curiosity and his critical innovation-driven thinking he dived into multiple industries and worked with C-Levels in various fields of digital innovation. Maximilian is CEO at Keyp, a Munich-based startup providing convenient access to the entire digital identity ecosystem in order to give everyone a universal and self-sovereign digital ID.

Jose Monteagudo

Monteagudo, Jose

Jose Monteagudo has 18+ years of experience growing both early stage, pre-IPO startups or consolidated businesses in different markets and regions all around the world. He’s the CEO of Smartrev Cybersec and Cybersecurity startup and the Chief Editor of the Cyber Startup Observatory. This is a global initiative to connect cybersecurity innovation with the major industries and SMEs to create a safer digital society. It’s operational in 20 countries, connected to over 10k cybersecurity startups and publishing high quality analysis of the state of the art in cybersecurity in those markets. He will be a member of the Lion’s Den Jury.

Craig Moss

Moss, Craig

Craig Moss is a leading expert on using management systems to improve compliance performance within companies and across supply chains. He’s the Director-Content & Tools at the Cyber Readiness Institute, an organization focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses in the value chain improve their cyber readiness. He has developed guides on implementing management systems to improve compliance for organizations including World Bank Group’s Int. Finance Corp. and the UN. At Command Control, he will focus on Cybersecurity in the connected value chain and talk about risks posed by third parties and practical and scalable risk management programs.

Dr. Philipp S. Müller

Müller, Philipp S. (Dr.)

Dr. Philipp S. Müller is a Managing Partner at Gartner Consulting and is responsible for the German-speaking public sector. He is a board member of the Initiative D-21 and a visiting professor at Danube University Krems. He was a researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, University of Erfurt and Harvard Business School, amongst others, in digital transformation, organization and strategy. In his keynote “Digital skill building: how to grapple with talent shortages and cultivate digital dexterity” he showcases solution approaches and practical examples of successful educational initiatives.

Angelika Niebler

Niebler, Angelika (Prof. Dr.)

Prof. Dr. Niebler has been a Member of the European Parliament since 1999 and has headed the CSU Europe Group in the European Parliament since 2014. She also works on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. She is currently the rapporteur on the proposal for European legislation on cyber security. The legislation aims to develop a European system for certifying cyber security and a better and permanent structure for the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). She will provide participants with an overview of current developments regarding the legislation and will then take part in a panel discussion on this subject on September 20.

Rob Norris

Norris, Rob

Rob Norris is the Head of Fujitsu’s EMEIA Cyber Security business. He’s charged with ownership of the Security Profit and Loss, whilst building out and growing Fujitsu’s Cyber Security capability across EMEIA. Previously, Rob was responsible for overseeing Service Delivery Assurance on major Fujitsu projects in the UK&I, successfully ensuring key projects were transitioned on time and to budget. In his keynote on September 20, he will illustrate, why Industrie 4.0 will fail without security and that cyber security will be a key quality characteristic of successful participants in value creation networks and critical infrastructures.

Daniel Onnebrink

Onnebrink, Daniel

Daniel Onnebrink is responsible for Security & Compliance at nicos AG, one of the leading managed services providers, providing secure, global data communications for SMBs with SmartWAN Solutions. Daniel has been testing compliance and security issues and advising customers for more than 10 years. His presentation on September 22 will examine the Chinese view of data security and cybersecurity and highlight the compatibility of data security in relation to corporate data and international laws in the context of business relationships between Germany and China. This is a must-attend event for business leaders who want to open up their businesses to China!

Natalia Oropeza

Oropeza, Natalia

Natalia Oropeza is Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens. She is an electrical engineering graduate and has more than 25 years of experience in IT security. She spent many years at Volkswagen, as Chief Information Security Officer of the Volkswagen Group and in other positions. She was also responsible for the largest IT technology transformation program on behalf of the management board. On September 20, she will discuss with Jeff Brown and Thorsten Delbrouck at the top class CISO Round Table what makes a good CISO and which qualities a CISO should have in order to be acknowledged within the company.

Speaker P-T

Dr. Sachar Paulus

Paulus, Sachar (Dr.)

Dr. Sachar Paulus is a professor of IT security at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and is head of the bachelor's degree program Cyber Security. After several years at SAP, including Chief Security Officer and SVP Product Security, he founded the consulting firm paulus.consult. He was and is active in various clubs and associations, e.g. as CEO of TeleTrusT e.V. and in the Permanent Representation of ENISA. Furthermore, he’s committed to the safe use of digitization in schools and clubs and is committed to trusted IT security products. Listen to him discussing “Future of Digital Trust” with Eugene Kaspersky on Thursday, September 20.

Florian Pennings

Pennings, Florian

“Cybersecurity cooperation is built on trust and common interests, not on differences.”

Florian Pennings is an expert in industry collaboration and content stakeholder management at ENISA, the European Cybersecurity Agency. He has experience in setting up and managing Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC’s) on national and European level. At Command Control he’ll give a talk on the Public Private Partnership and will engage in a dialogue on how industry and public stakeholder, can take the lead to increase resilience by sharing relevant information and analysis on threats. Take the opportunity to exchange your views on this ‘solution’ against cyber threats.

Martin Pflüger

Pflüger, Martin

Martin Pflüger works as counsel at Hogan Lovells and focuses his practice on IT law, with special expertise in data protection and cybersecurity law. He covers all aspects of European and German data protection law with a focus on the technology, life sciences and automotive sector. He regularly advises companies on current topics such as Big Data, Connected Cars or Internet of Things, in connection with data breaches, or in relation to GDPR compliance. This experience makes him the perfect partner for Martin Strauch to discuss about the liabilities and legal obligations of the top management in case of a data breach. Listen to their session on September 21.

Dietmar Pokoyski

Pokoyski, Dietmar

Dietmar Pokoyski, the Managing Director of the Awareness Agency known_sense and together with Michael Helisch, he is the author of the only specialist book on the subject in Germany. Since 2005 he has created several dozen awareness games and carried out awareness campaigns either as a trainer or supervisor for game-based security events in 60 countries in 30 languages. With known_sense he has received numerous awards, including the “IT-Security Prize NRW” (2007) and the “OSPA—Outstanding Security Performance Award” (2015) for an outstanding initiative for security training sessions.

Steve Purser

Purser, Steve

Steve Purser is Head of Core Operations at ENISA, the European Cybersecurity Agency. Before joining ENISA in 2008 he occupied the role of Chief Information Security Officer for a number of financial institutions. Steve is in the Steering Board of the CERT EU and the Programme Board of the EU Cyber Crime Centre. In the area of standards, he is the ENISA representative on the ISO SC 27 working group. Listen to his insights on September 20 on our mainstage on “Cybersecurity—An European Approach” and on September 21 on the current status of GDPR and NIS.

Daniel Ramamoorthy

Ramamoorthy, Daniel

Daniel Ramamoorthy will be the moderator of Command Control 2018. He is “igniter” across multiple industries, founder, investor and coach to over 100 startups in multiple countries. At the national level, Daniel has advised the Irish National Government on their Entrepreneurship Policy. Daniel has consulted for multinationals, hosted some of the largest events on the planet, mentored at accelerators and facilitated deal flows for investors. He lectures on entrepreneurship at DIT, Trinity, and UCD Innovation Academy. Daniel will not only be our host on stage, he will ensure a business-driven discussion.

Oliver Rolofs

Rolofs, Oliver

Oliver Rolofs is Partner at connecting trust. He advises clients in solving a multitude of issues in the field of strategic communication, public affairs, M&A and business development focusing on digitization and cybersecurity. Oliver looks back on a longstanding career in politics, business and communications, international conference organization and strategy consulting for political decision makers and business leaders. Oliver held various senior-level positions which include amongst others: Head of Global Media Relations at the consultancy firm Roland Berger, Head of Communications for the Munich Security Conference where he also established the cybersecurity and energy security programs, Director of a parliamentary office at the European Parliament.

Christine Runnegar

Runnegar, Christine

Christine Runnegar leads the Internet Society’s policy agenda on trust, which advocates for policies that support an open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy Internet. Christine rolls up her sleeves to work with governments and other stakeholders to write guiding policies on cybersecurity and privacy, and is not afraid of hackathons. Christine co-chairs the W3C Privacy Interest Group (PING) and has served as a member of the ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group. In her keynote on September 20, she will look beyond Europe in terms of how countries and regions are handling privacy and how they may interact with the European approach.

Dr. Christian Schläger

Schläger, Christian (Dr.)

Dr. Christian Schlaeger is the Global Head of the Cyber Security Product and Service portfolio for G&D’s customers. In his role, Christian is responsible for the creation of the Division’s innovative industry leading solutions and services for smart factories (Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0), mobile app security, identity and authentication solutions for critical and sensitive areas and digital car solutions. Dr. Schläger has over 12 years of global experience in manufacturing, telco, automotive, insurance and security industries. He’ll be sharing his experience on September 21 in a Panel on Digital Factory.

Thomas Schlienger

Schlienger, Thomas (Dr. Dipl.-Inform.)

Dr. Thomas Schlienger, Dipl-Inform., is managing director and owner of TreeSolution Consulting. He has specialised in the subject of Information Security Culture, in particular on the questions of sustainability and measuring of Security Awareness. Dr. Thomas Schlienger is an author of numerous professional and scientific publications, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. In his session on September 20, he will offer critical concepts to the challenges of measuring and improving information security culture and provide insights, why a lot of methods fail.

Eva Schulz-Kamm

Schulz-Kamm, Eva

Eva Schulz-Kamm serves as Global Head of Government Affairs at Siemens AG after holding management positions at various companies and organizations in the areas of energy and innovation. Listen to her thoughts and insights in Prof Angelika Niebler’s session on the European approach to Cybersecurity on Thursday, September 20 on the mainstage of Command Control.

Stefan Schuppert

Schuppert, Stefan

Stefan Schuppert has advised his clients at Hogan Lovells for the last 20 years in managing complex technology transactions and dealt with IP and IT legal issues in connection with data breaches and cyber incidents. Stefan works with international clients, helping them to navigate the waters of different and sometimes contradicting privacy and data protection regulation—weather it is IT Outsourcing, licensing agreements, the transfer of customer or employee personal data across the globe, Big Data, connected cars, or eDigital Health. Don’t miss his table top exercise on “the legal view on a Data Breach—focusing global enterprises” on September 21.

Ursula Schürmann

Schürmann, Ursula

Ursula Schürmann is managing director of CSSA (Cyber Security Sharing & Analytics), an association of currently 13 European enterprises from different sectors. The non-profit initiative focusses on the confidential exchange on incidents, threats and vulnerabilities in its member companies.
On Friday, September 21, she will discuss the success factors of a sharing initiative like CSSA in Paul Kurtz‘ panel.

Lance Spitzner

Spitzner, Lance

“Security geek! Passionate about making security simple for the world.”

Lance Spitzner, Director, SANS Security Awareness is a global thought leader for awareness and training with more than 20 years of experience in the research of cyber threats. He is a pioneer in the field of cyber intelligence, member of the board of the National Cyber Security Alliance and one of the world’s most recognized trainers for security awareness.
In a security awareness workshop at Command Control on September 20, he will show the participants how the human risk in cyber security is best managed.

Herbert Stauffer

Stauffer, Herbert

Herbert Stauffer is the CEO of the Business Application Research Center (BARC) Switzerland. As a senior analyst Herbert Stauffer’s main areas of focus are strategy, architecture, organization, quality and methodology. He is the main author of the book “Testing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Systems” (dpunkt.verlag, 2013) and head of the TDWI Roundtable in Zürich, Switzerland. He has over 25 years’ experience in business intelligence and data warehousing. On 22.09. he will lead an interactive workshop on the practical implementation of the GDPR in companies.

Martin Strauch

Strauch, Martin

Martin Strauch is a senior associate at Hogan Lovells and committed member of the Global Cybersecurity Solutions Group. He focuses on commercial and corporate litigation and offers advice in pre-litigation scenarios as well as in disputes. As cybersecurity evolves, Martin's clients appreciate his deep understanding of technical and IT related issues and his ability to translate complex legal and technical problems into clear language. At Command Control, he will use this ability to discuss the liabilities and legal obligations of the top management in case of a data breach together with his colleague Martin Pflueger.

Frank Strebe

Strebe, Frank

“Shaping change and make it known!”

Frank Strebe has been responsible for developing and implementing a global information security awareness campaign at the BMW Group for more than 2 years. The success of this campaign depends largely on finding the right mix of communication and qualification elements, as well as on whether employees accept personal responsibility for the careful handling of information. He will share his comprehensive experience in shaping change processes with participants on 20 September. The main focus will be placed here on the themes of awareness and culture in information security.

Thomas Steinich

Steinich, Thomas

Since 2014, Thomas Steinich serves as Head of Standards and Strategy at The Linde Group with Responsibility for the IT solution architecture of all Enterprise applications and responsibility for the overall IT Strategy and driving the innovation agenda. At Command Control, he will hold a session on “Cyber Risk Resilience Dashboard for Senior Executives” together with Craig Fletcher. This session provides you insights on a practical and standardized approach, facilitating the dialogue between the CISO and the board of directors.

Johannes Troppmann

Troppmann, Johannes

Johannes Troppmann is the Managing Director of IS4IT Schweiz AG. As the former Practice Lead for Cybersecurity at EY Switzerland (GSA) he has over 15 years’ experience in information security. His approach has always been to view information security holistically in order to focus on the issues of governance, risk management and compliance. As a board member in the biggest digitalization initiative across the German-speaking countries and as a managing partner at EnBW in the field of information security for critical infrastructures, he advocates a cross-sector holistic approach to security. Learn from his experiences that he is sharing with you in the panel discussion “Cross-sector risks and solutions” on September 22.

Speaker U-Z

Karl Viertel

Viertel, Karl

Karl Viertel is CEO and founder of Alyne—a RegTech start-up making Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Compliance as easy, cost effective and painless as possible through a smart Software as a Service. The risk driven professional is curious to see how new technologies like blockchain or machine learning can be leveraged for RegTech topics as these technologies mature. Karl Viertel will be raising the RegTech flag in the Integrated Compliance Management Panel at Command Control on September 22, 2018.

Alex Weishaupt

Weishaupt, Alex

Alex Weishaupt is leading the DACH Advanced Technology Practice at the global HR-consultancy KornFerry. He focuses on the recruitment of Cyber and Information Security specialists in high and middle management positions in various disciplines. Prior to joining KF, Mr. Weishaupt served as an officer in the German Armed Forces´ Spec Ops Division. In his session on September 22 he will share his practical insights on recruiting trends in Cyber and Information security, present best-practices on building a cybersecurity workforce as well as research results from the KF Institute. CEOs and HR Directors should attend to get hands-on insights on how to recruit top talent like CISOs as well as on how to align senior leadership, organization capabilities and culture to help companies defend against emerging cyber threats.

Tobias Wenhart

Wenhart, Tobias

Tobias Wenhart has worked since early 2013 at Hiscox, an international special insurer with an insurance portfolio focused on safeguarding professional risks, private assets and special risks. He is the Director Underwriting for all insurance products. In the “Incident Talk” on 20.09 alongside Ulrich Bartholmös, he will describe the 2017 cyber incident and the important role played by Hiscox as the insurance company involved. Don't miss the opportunity to hear about this best practice case study!

Michael Zaddach

Zaddach, Michael

Michael Zaddach is head of the IT service area at Flughafen München GmbH. After working for Siemens, AEG and debis Systemhaus, he has been responsible for the areas Demand and Solution Management, Development and Engineering as well as Operation and Service since 2000. At the airport group, he is also responsible for the IT governance and the information security. Michael Zaddach is Chair of the World Airport IT Standing Committee of the ACI. On September 20, he will discuss the challenges of critical infrastructures together with Terry Halvorsen.

Jens Zerbst

Zerbst, Jens

Jens Zerbst is Vice President / CIO of Vattenfall. Furthermore, he is convener of the CIGRE Cyber security working group D2.40. Before joining Vattenfall, Jens worked in different disciplines and positions related to IT and Cyber Security, IT Architecture and Strategy. At Command Control, he will talk about "New Cybersecurity requirements from a changing energy landscape". Don’t miss his keynote on September 22 and get an outlook in changing requirements and paradigms and what other industries can learn from the utility sector.

Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt

Central Cyber Crime Contact (ZAC)

The Central Cyber Crime Contact Point (ZAC) in the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (BLKA) is the single point of contact of the Bavarian police for all associations, companies, authorities and other institutions and it assumes an intermediary and advisory role. ZAC gives advice in lectures on prevention options and is a first responder to institutions affected by cyber crime. Have a discussion with the BLKA and find out about current cyber crime phenomena in Bavarian companies.