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Speech at Command Control 2018

Analogue "security thinking patterns" are still colliding with the new digital realities. This silo mentality conflicts with the digital positioning and with the need to think holistically about cybersecurity. While cyber attacks are on the rise, there continues to be a lack of connected cybersecurity. Too often, cybersecurity is still understood as an isolated, technically complex task. Command Control therefore addresses all those involved in digitization within the company and will improve the ability to engage in dialog on the subject of cybersecurity within companies and across sectors.

Far from still being a purely IT topic, cybersecurity has also reached the echelons of management where key terms such as EU General Data Protection Regulation, cyber crime and IT compliance are on the agenda. From the CEO to the legal expert – the summit is aimed at all those who want to take information security in their company to a new level. Depending on your level of knowledge and subject area, you can choose from a variety of program formats.

Another plus point of Command Control: the variety of sectors. The exchange of ideas across a wide range of industries provides all participants with unique insights and food for thought.

Visitors from all over Europe are invited, which is why the entire event will be held in English.

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